Monday, December 28, 2009

Upcoming events at the BAHC

There are plenty of great events coming up at the BAHC...

On January 17, join us at the Gallery on the Hill at 1PM for am Artists' Gathering and Trading Card Workshop with Christine Taylor. Bring work to be critiqued, or just come down to speak with other artists.

On January 20, come down to Brookhaven Town Hall for a Town Hall Exhibit. This is open for all BAHC as well as Phoenix Members. Drop off as many pieces as you would like. No sculptures at this time. Fee: free for all members.

On February 7, the reception for "I Love..." at Gallery on the Hill...ribbons will be awarded, no fee!

Happy New Year!


South Bay Art Association said...

Hi and Happy New Year- Where can I find a prospectus online to print out, and a schedule, for the upcoming shows on the Hill? thanks! :-)

Camille said...

I would like info on the "I love..." submissions and exhibit.
You realize that your reception is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday.